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McLaren's most beautiful car yet? The Elva.

McLaren are without doubt one of the most cutting edge hyper car manufacturers of the 21st century. Once known simply as the British car maker to produce that one car that held the production car top speed record for several years, with the McLaren F1. Over the last decade they have truly paved the way for supercar stardom, with a greatest hits album better than any band in existence.

Car after car, McLaren are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, as well as producing supercars that are actually usable, and are machines that can truly be enjoyed.

This winning streak isn’t about to end anytime soon. It’s time to introduce the McLaren Elva. Easily one of their most daring designs to date, whilst being endlessly beautiful and undeniably elegant.

mclaren elva three quarter view

Starting at a cool $1.7 million, this vehicle oozes exclusivity. For that price, you are getting one of the most bespoke, hand crafted experiences available in the world of motoring. One thing you don’t get for that price however, is a roof, or a windscreen.

This may sound absurd. However, there is some clever science behind the idea with the aerodynamic flaps and vents producing a bubble of uninterpreted, turbulence free air around the driver and passenger. Safety regulations in some US states are set to spoil this marvel of engineering, requiring the optional windscreen. Despite this, just marvel in the McLaren Elva’s undying elegance.
This “bubble” of calm air is produce by what McLaren are referring to as the Elva’s “Active AIr Management” system which deploys at higher speeds to channel air through it’s giant frontal intakes and channeled up and around the cockpit. Clever stuff, that allows the designers to do away with menial details such as A pillars and heavy glass panels.
interior of mclaren elva

The Elva is propelled by a 804 horsepower turbocharged V8 powerhouse located just behind the seats and can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds. The Elva joints McLaren’s Ultimate Series family, alongside the Senna and McLaren Speedtail.

The Elva will be produced in extremely limited numbers, with only 399 cars being made. The first deliveries expected to be being made towards the end of 2020.

mclaren elva next to old mclaren race car

If you have a hankering for an expertly crafted McLaren, but don’t quite have billionaire status. McLaren produce many more accessable supercars such as the 570s, starting from $200,000.

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