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BAC Mono Makers Secure International Investment

three quarter view of the front of the BAC Mono

The tiny, Liverpool, UK based track car manufacturer BAC, have cemented their future as big contenders in the performance vehicle sector through s secured export agreements in the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Canada and Sweden.

Neill Briggs, director of product development at BAC Mono, said:
“These new export wins are a sign of how far we’ve come as a business in recent years and the immense work we’re doing with exports.”
Dark shot of the BAC mono headlight

Who Are BAC?

Known in full as Briggs Automotive Company, BAC produces the only single seat supercar that has passed all of the required legislation to be road legal. Starting out in 2009, brothers Neil and Ian Briggs have already managed to produce a vehicle of cult status, that is likely to be the stuff of bedroom wall posters for decades to come.

The original BAC Mono was released to critical acclaim in 2011, grown from a partnership between BAC engineers, Hewland, Sachs, Kumho, Coswortn and AP. Collectively producing one of the worlds most exiting new performance cars.

BAC Mono in the shadows, side on

The next generation Mono R released in July 2019 is described as “The new reference – the very pinnacle of design, innovation and engineering.” The Mono R is more powerful, lighter and uses innovative materials. The overall aesthetic is very much inline with the outgoing model, however that is exactly where similarities end. Every component is considered, right down to individual nuts and bolts. With 44 bespoke carbon fibre parts. to help shave off any excess weight and further focus on the ultimate drive.

Birds eye view of the BAC mono

The Mono R is powered by the same 2.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. Billet components and further tweaks have boosted power from 305bhp to 340bhp. Making this the most powerful NA engine for it’s given size, producing a whopping 136bhp per litre.

close up shot of BAC Mono steering wheel

BAC targeted the USA and have signed agreements with Tactical Fleet in Dallas, Texas, and Manhattan Motorcars in New York. BAC have also received support from the department of international trade. (DIT)

“Our solid export strategy, fantastic team ethic, exemplary product and – of course – invaluable support from the DIT means we have the ultimate recipe for success overseas. We will continue to strive to put British manufacturing on the map for the foreseeable future.”

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