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Where Is The Best Place To Find Used Supercars For Sale?

Used Aston Martin Zagatto For Sale
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Buying a used supercar or luxury car shouldn’t be too different from purchasing any used car.

However you do need to be a little more cautious. Any missed issues when test driving or viewing a car that can cost upwards of £100,000 can lead to very costly repair or maintenance bills.

In our ultimate guide we show you the best places you can buy second hand supercars. And we’ll give you all of the reasons why you should use each one.

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Used Ferrari For Sale
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Buying Nearly New Cars From Main Dealerships

Main marque dealerships are a great place to start when looking to purchase a nearly new supercar. They regularly receive part exchanged supercars when customers upgrade their car.

The typical path of a customer is to purchase a car such as an Audi R8 or Porsche 911, then trade that in for a Ferrari 458 or McLaren 650S. Then once again proceed to exchange their car for a Lamborghini Huracan or McLaren.

The great news is these cars are typically in very good condition as customers purchasing brand new supercars tend to look after their investment. Also as a dealership accepts a part exchanged luxury car, they will run their own service and maintenance ensuring it’s in great condition to resell.

One of the potential hurdles when looking at main dealerships stock can be the price. Just like buying any pre owned car from a dealership, their price is never as competitive as non licensed dealerships or third party sellers. The premium applied between these cars and third party sellers can climb into the tens of thousands of pounds.

One of the great advantages of purchasing from a main dealership is that nearly all cars will come with a warranty. It could be a renewed extended warranty, or have the original warranty in place.

Pros Of Buying From A Main Dealership

  • Assurance of quality
  • Nearly always include a warranty if anything should go wrong
Used Bugatti For Sale
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Buying Used Cars On Drivefoundry

Drivefoundry was established with the goal of providing the largest collection of used, second-hand and nearly new supercars and luxury cars for sale in the UK.

Working with only the most prestigious used luxury car dealerships around the country allows us to tailor our listings, showing only the highest quality luxury cars for sale.

This gives customers peace of mind that all of the cars available to buy are kept to the highest level.

Pros About Buying Via Drivefoundry

  • Wide selection of luxury cars and supercars for sale
  • Expansive range of luxury car dealerships to contact
  • Direct contact with dealerships available instantly
  • Peace of mind that all cars are for sale by well known dealerships
Used Lamborghini For Sale
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H.R. Owen, Britain’s Largest Official Pre-Owned Car Dealership

H.R. Owen is the world’s largest official retailer of Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce cars.

They’re renowned for working closely with main dealerships and offer one of the widest ranges of approved used luxury cars for sale.

One of the main reasons to purchase a luxury car from H.R Owen is that they have a great reputation within the luxury car market, and have been trading for over 80 years. They offer premium cars which all come with a minimum 1 year warranty.

Pros of buying from H.R. Owen

  • Very good reputation
  • Works closely with main dealerships to offer approved pre-owned cars
  • All cars have 1 year warranty as a minimum
Used Ferrari for Sale
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Private Listing Websites

Private listing websites such as Autotrader, Motors and ebay are great sources of fun when initially searching for your next purchase.

They have a huge variety of cars across the market. Many of the cars listed for sale are from private sellers. People who have owned a car, sometimes for a very long time and put huge mileage on them. Of course this isn’t always the case, you will find many cars that have been very well maintained with very low mileage.

When it comes to seriously considering a purchase, things can get a little trickier. A private sale can (not always) have any number of issues. It is highly recommended to take a reliable mechanic on all test drives and viewings, as anything missed can be very costly.

The lack of knowledge about a cars history or mechanical state can be a huge barrier to making a confident purchase.

Pros of buying from a private seller

  • A huge variety of cars
  • Typically private sales can be at a much smaller cost when compared to dealership sales
Buying Supercars At Auction
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Buying Supercars At Auctions

A few auction houses around the country offer prestige car auctions. BCA (British Car Auctions) hold a performance car auction twice a month at a variety of their auction centres.

Typically performance car auctions are home for sub par trade ins. Prestige car dealerships use auctions to off load stock they don’t deem good enough quality to sell in their showrooms.

If you’re a car mechanic or enthusiast and know what you are looking at this can provide a great opportunity to pick up a luxury car at a fraction of the cost. However if you aren’t quite confident enough to spot potential issues we would advise taking a qualified mechanic when attending. Remember you only get a certain amount of time to look over a car before the auction takes place.

A saving grace is that some auction houses, such as BSA, offer mechanical checks. These mechanical check can give you a heads up to any potential issues and normally only cost a minimal amount, £30-£100.

Despite this, cars are normally sold as seen, meaning once the hammer drops there is no safety net if the car isn’t in the condition you initially thought.

As a general rule, supercars which you’ll find at auction are being sold there for a reason. That reason normally isn’t a good one.

Just think, if a car was in good condition it would be sold at a dealership. It’ll only normally end up at auction when something is mechanically not right, it has accident damage or is in a very rough cosmetic condition.

Pros of buying from an auction

  • Able to purchase cars at a much lower price
  • Variety of cars can be very good

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