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7 Best Ways To Modify Your Supercar

Supercar Wrapping

Buying a supercar is a very emotive and personal purchase. It can be an extension of your own personality, showcasing your own style and attitude towards cars.

Once you’ve purchased your first supercar, everything is grand. Diving it is a dream, from the raw visceral performance to the attention it gets. However that feeling can be lost the moment you drive past a fellow supercar owner in the exact same Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that you own.

Depending on the circles you socialise in, knowing or meeting another supercar owner with the exact same car as you could be a rare phenomenon. However, the moment it does, your unique supercar suddenly doesn’t feel quite as personalised to you.

This is where customising or modifying your supercar can come in to play. Extending the personalisation factor of owning a supercar is key to some owners. And anything really is possible when you delve into the numerous customisation options available.

Below we explore a selection of the most popular modifications that supercar owners opt for. We have also recommended a selection of supercar modification companies, which we have worked with in the past.

1. Vehicle Wrapping

Supercar wrapping is one of the most accessible modifications you can choose to customise your exotic car purchase.

Consisting of applying large panels of seamless vinyl to your supercar, car wrapping can quickly transform the look of a supercar. Wrapping a car also removes the pain staking job of re-spraying the whole body.

Where spraying an entire car is slow, costly and very permanent, wrapping a supercar is much quicker, more cost efficient and best of all can be reversed. If you ever get tired of the colour you have chosen, you can remove the entire wrap and re-wrap it with a different colour and finish.

Supercar wrappers have a wide selection of finishes available, giving your car a true custom appearance. You aren’t limited to a simple gloss finish, you could choose a matte finish, carbon-fibre effect, and even a full chrome finish.

Not only does wrapping your supercar alter the appearance, it also protects the paint work from any stone chips or weathering. This alone can preserve the cars resale value, and alone is a great reason to wrap any valuable supercar.

Stealth Black Supercar Wrap

2. Stealth Black

If you are looking for a super mean, stealth look to your supercar, or just fancied emulating Batman, a stealth black car wrap would be a great choice.

Most of the time, a true stealth black look is achieved with a satin black vinyl wrap. Satin wraps are a perfect middle ground between a full matte wrap, and a gloss wrap. They allow a little reflection to bounce off, but not to the extent of a gloss finish.

To achieve the perfect stealth black look, you should look at fully de-badging and de-chroming the car. This teamed with a good set of black alloy wheels, and a dark window tint will complete the look.

Supercar Wrapping

3. Chrome

Chrome is the choice of those who want to be seen. A full chrome wrap will make your supercar stand out like no other. Companies such as Hexis are known for their high quality car wraps, with many top car wrapping companies sourcing their chrome vinyl from them.

Unlike a gloss, satin or matte wrap which will last for the best part of 7 years, if not more… A chrome wrap will last a little less than 4-5 years. This is mainly due to the fragile nature of a chrome car wrap. Defects such as scratches and scuffs will show up much more prominently than on a gloss, satin or matte vinyl. This requires a much more patient approach to ownership. You’ll have to be much more careful when washing and generally cleaning your car.

Flip Colour Supercar Wrap

4. Flip Colour

Flip colour car wraps have grown in popularity recently, and are able to give your supercar a bold look unlike any other.

Flip colour car wraps utilise a polychromatic effect which create unique, multi-colour finishes. These allow the colour to change depending on the viewing angle creating some rather special finishes.

Popular flip colour pearlescent car wraps reflect hues such as purple, deep teal and blue creating high impact, unique finishes.

Matte Supercar Wrap

5. Matte Wrap

Matte car wraps are perfect for an understated look, and the right car and colour combination can really make your supercar stand out.

A lot of matte car wraps are dark shades, such as black, as described above, or dark greys. And in our opinion these colours are the ones which work best.

Matte finishes have become so popular that some luxury car manufacturers have been releasing special edition cars with a matte finish as standard.

Liberty Walk Supercar Body Kit

6. Body Kit

Body kits have always been a tuners best friend. They’re common place amongst the JDM tuner community, and can turn any car in to something truly unique.

Body kits on supercars are much rarer, as they have typically been designed to look aggressive enough in their own right. Despite this, for those who are looking to turn their supercar into a unique one of a kind car, there are companies specialising in creating body kits for supercars.

Companies such as Liberty Walk have released body kits for supercars such as Lamborghinis and Porsches.

Custom Decal Supercar

7. Custom Decals

This is a fan favourite for those who are looking for something that a car wrap can’t offer. Custom car decals offer the chance to wrap your car in a race livery or promote your own business.

Most car wrap companies offer custom decals. Many will create a bespoke design for you or use a design which you have created yourself.

Car Wrapping London

London is the supercar capital of the country. This teamed with the fact that many residents outside of the UK, import their supercars in to London every summer, allows many car wrappers to set up shop in the capital. Below are a selection of the best car wrappers in London.

Yiannimize Car Wrapping


Yianni Charalambous has made a lot of friends along the way whilst customising supercars for celebrities and footballers. The self made entrepreneur has had the pleasure of working for clients such as Sergio Aguero, Didier Drogba, Bacary Sagna and more.

Yiannimize run their car wrapping out of North London and offer a range of bespoke services. From supercar wrapping, vehicle conversions and interior customisation, Yiannimize offer all of these bespoke services to celebrities across the country.

Check out their work at Yiannimize.com

Prestige Wrap & Customs

Another London based supercar wrapping company to work with big named celebrities is Prestige Wrap & Customs. Working with celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Gareth Bale and companies such as Nike and Britains Got Talent, give this car wrap company a lot of pedigree.

View their work at prestigewrap.co.uk

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