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Buying A Car FAQ

Selling On DriveFoundry

General Website FAQ

Buying FAQs

Are the cars listed on this website stocked by us or stock from other dealers?

All of the cars listed for sale on our website are other prestige car dealership‘s inventory, so we cannot take any responsibility for transactions with dealerships.

All dealerships who list their luxury car inventory with us have been moderated so you will find only the most reputable dealerships on Drivefoundry.

Where are the cars located?

All of the luxury cars on our website are for sale from within the UK.

The dealerships featured on our website are from around the entire UK, meaning you should be able to find cars close to your location. The location of each car is displayed from within the inventory page and the individual listing.

Can I contact the dealerships directly through this website?

Every car listed for sale on our website has an enquiry form which you can fill out. This enquiry form goes directly to the dealership which is selling the car, and they will respond directly to you.

If a dealership has filled in their contact information, you can also contact them directly via phone or email.

Selling With Us FAQs

Why should my dealership advertise to sell my cars on Drivefoundry?

Drivefoundry is the only dedicated luxury car and supercar classified platform in the UK. We list solely exotic cars, luxury cars and supercars for sale, and in turn have a large customer base with a high net worth.

Listing your inventory with us allows you to direct more targeted customers with a strong intent to buy to your car listings, resulting in potentially more sales.

To read about more reasons to advertise with us visit our “Sell With Us” page.

General FAQs

The website isn't working correctly for me. Why?

Hopefully you’ll never have to be reading this segment!

If our website isn’t working as it should be, please send us your feedback via our contact page, and we’ll do our best to remedy the problem.

Interested in Selling With Us?

If you’re interested in selling with us, or would like to know more information and our pricing visit our Sell With Us page.

Get In Touch If You Have Any Queries

If you have any queries about getting started with our dealer package, or have any questions you would like answering, send us an email and we will happily respond within 24 hours.

We’ll try to answer any questions you may have, and can even help with setting up a dealer account.

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