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View our extensive range of used Bentley for sale from prestigious used car and nearly new car dealerships across the UK. The British brand is synonymous with automotive luxury, with the two going hand in hand. However purchasing a pre-owned Bentley doesn’t have to cost the earth.

All new Bentleys cost over £100,000 out of the factory. This sets a rather high barrier for entry allowing the car manufacturer to maintain their high level of luxury.

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can shop for pre-owned and used Bentleys with prices as low as £20,000. Just think, for the price of a common Ford hatchback you could be driving around in style.

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Buying A Nearly New Bentley

There are only a few cars in the marketplace that offer the same sense of luxury and craftsmanship as a used Bentley would. With that luxury comes a deep history spanning over 95 years. The luxury marque have been making both road and race cars with much success, and they’ve competed in the most prestigious racing events across the world.


Where Can I Find A Pre-Owned Bentley?

Used Bentley For Sale UK
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Finding a used or pre-owned Bentley for sale needn’t be any more difficult than purchasing any other used car. Across our used luxury car listings you will find a wide range of used Bentleys for sale. All of which are available from prestigious luxury car dealerships across England, Ireland, Wales & Scotland.

All of our luxury car dealerships offer the highest level of service to rival main dealerships. However Bentley themselves do offer a widely renowned pre-owned car sales service. Their offering includes hundreds of cars available through the Bentley dealership system, from Continentals to the Bentayga.


Any Known Issues With A Used Bentley?

Used Bentley For Sale UK
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With the ongoing battle for supremacy between Bentley and Rolls Royce, reliability and build quality is a major factor. This has benefited both luxury marques with both manufacturing very reliable cars.

The W12 power plant which is widely used by the British manufacturer is a very sturdy and reliable feat of engineering. And as long as the spark plugs are changed every four years or so shouldn’t give too many issues.

The auto gearbox is also very unlikely to let you down, with the gear changes being very smooth.

The main issue you will find with a used Continental, Mulsanne or Bentayga is actually service parts such as brakes and tyres. Due to the very large curb weight most models are fitted with rather large brake discs, and these can wear down rather fast. Also the size of the tyres mean you’ll be doing well to find change from £1,000 when it comes to replace all four corners.

We’ve listed a few common service parts and their average price below.

Tyres £270 each (fitted)
Brake discs £590 (front axel)
Brake pads £280.00 (front axel)
Spark plugs £150

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