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McLaren Models & Prices UK | A Full McLaren Buyers Guide

McLaren Full Car Range
McLaren Car Range | Photo courtesy of McLaren ©

McLaren have been busy over the past 8 years. They’ve somehow managed to release 16 different models across this period. That is a crazy amount of new cars!

Yes, some of those 16 McLaren models are variants on the base model. For example, a base level coupe and the spider variant are classed as 2 different models. Grouping together coupes and spiders, that brings McLaren’s model count down to 12 individual cars. Still very impressive, yet potentially confusing for new buyers.

Our goal with this article is to break down the core cars range, making it easier to make a buying decision on which model is best suited. Below we have included statistics for the core models, and prices for both new and used McLarens.

The core range of McLaren models as a whole are fairly easy to understand, because McLaren name their cars after the power output each one makes. Then following each numbered model is a model designation (C for club, S for sport, and LT for longtail).

McLaren Spider
Photo courtesy of TFLCar.com ©

The Complete Range of McLaren Models

McLaren themselves break their model range down in to a 3 tier structure.

Sports Series, their tamest supercars you can buy. These are the most accessible to purchase and command the lowest price tag across the whole McLaren range.

Super Series, McLaren’s flagship supercar range. The Super Series range includes McLaren’s core supercar models, offering more performance than the Sports Series.

Then there is the Ultimate Series. This series includes the ultra high-end models, the record breakers and McLaren’s flagship hypercars.

McLaren Model Range

Sports Series

  • McLaren 540C
  • McLaren 570S
  • McLaren 570S Spider
  • McLaren 570GT
  • McLaren 600LT

Super Series

  • McLaren 12C
  • McLaren 12C Spider
  • McLaren 650S Coupe
  • McLaren 650S Spider
  • McLaren 675LT
  • McLaren 675LT Spider
  • McLaren 720S

Ultimate Series

  • McLaren P1
  • McLaren Senna

There are also 2 new models which have yet to be classified into the above categories. They’re the McLaren GT, the first dedicated GT car, and the McLaren Speedtail, a limited-production hybrid supercar.

McLaren Cars For Sale
Photo courtesy of Motoringresearch.com ©

How much do McLaren cars cost?

Due to McLaren’s large model range, the prices are spread across a wide price range.

The cheapest McLaren available to purchase today new is the entry-level 540C. However when we are talking about a car that costs over £100,000, we’re not sure you can call it entry-level!

The McLaren 540C price when brand new, starts from £120,000.

Going up through the model range prices start to increase steadily, through to £750,000 for the dramatic track orientated McLaren Senna.

What is the cheapest McLaren?

So this begs the question what is the cheapest McLaren supercar you can buy today. And in one way we have already answered this.

Brand new, the McLaren 540C is undoubtedly the cheapest McLaren for sale.

However when you step in to the pre-owned McLaren market you can start to afford a lot more grunt for your cash.

The used MP4-12C is technically the cheapest McLaren available to buy today. Formally known as the MP4-12C, and now known as just the 12C. This car was an important milestone for McLaren, as it started their come back in to road going production car greatness.

It was the first production that was completely designed and built by McLaren Automotive. And it laid the ground work for all of the fantastic supercars which followed.

If you look around dealerships or the used supercar classifieds you will be able to find used McLaren 12C cars starting from just £70,000.

For that money, you get a whole lot of car… The 12C was fitted with a turbocharged V8 engine putting out 592bhp, and capable of going from 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds. That is mighty.

This British supercars also uses technology ripped straight out of a Formula 1 car, and being a McLaren, features a tonne of technology.

It may not necessarily be the cheapest supercar money can buy. However for £70,000, the McLaren 12C is a real supercar bargain.

What Is The McLaren 540C Price?

When it launched back in 2015, a brand new base level McLaren 540C price was around £126,000. Now in 2020, to buy a brand new 540C would set you back £137,190.

However, when looking at a used McLaren 540C price, it is considerably lower. You can even find a higher mileage example for less than £80,000! That’s pretty damn good for a 5 year old supercar, although we would imagine at this price bracket, the car would not be in the best shape.

Below is a list of average used McLaren 540C prices from different sellers. This is based on data from Parkers.

Franchised dealership – from £82,390
Independent dealership – from £80,255
Private good condition – from £80,255
Private poor condition – from £74,565
McLaren Price new – from £137,190

McLaren P1 vs 720S
Photo courtesy of Evo.co.uk ©

How much is the most expensive McLaren?

Let’s push on to the more expensive options. McLaren have flexed their muscles over the past few years producing some of the best hypercars of this generation.

The legendary hybrid P1 was designed to take down the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder, and many would say it achieved this. And following the P1, came the Senna. This was an even more track focused hypercar, with McLaren claiming it was designed as the fastest ever McLaren around any race track.

Both of these cars make up McLaren’s Ultimate Series of cars and you can see just why they are in their own exclusive bracket.

These two monsters are extremely rare, with both having very limited production runs.

The Senna is a few years newer than the exclusive P1, and therefor more readily available to purchase (although still not easy to get your hands on). With the only way you can purchase a McLaren P1 being second-hand. All of the new models have been snapped up. And you will be hard pressed to find any used Senna for sale under £750,000. The cheapest McLaren Senna price that we could find was £775,000.

McLaren’s P1 was seen as a technological masterpiece, sporting an electric-hybrid power-train producing 903bhp. And because of this, and their age, you wont find many for sale at all.

In fact the few McLaren P1 cars that are for sale all have price tags over £1 million. The cheapest McLaren P1 price in the UK is currently £999,995.

McLaren Price UK (New)

Below we’ve listed all of the new and used McLaren models you can purchase today. We’ve also shown their lowest price both new and used.

If you fancy browsing the McLaren models that we currently have listed for sale, view our McLarens for sale listings here.

McLaren 540C Price New – From £126,000
McLaren 570S Price New – From £145,305
McLaren 570S Spider Price New – From £164,750
McLaren 570GT Price New – From £154,000
McLaren 600LT Price New – From £185,500
McLaren 720S Price New – From £218,020
McLaren 720S Spider -Price New – From £237,000
McLaren Senna Price New – From £750,000

McLaren Price UK (Used)

McLaren 12C Price Used – From £69,995
McLaren 12C Spider Price Used – From £89,900
McLaren 540C Price Used – From £89,950
McLaren 570S Price Used – From £93,850
McLaren 570S Spider Price Used – From £119,500
McLaren 570GT Price Used – From £106,950
McLaren 600LT Price Used – From £174,995
McLaren 650S Coupe Price Used – From £94,890
McLaren 650S Spider Price Used – From £105,990
McLaren 675LT Price Used – From £199,950
McLaren 675LT Spider Price Used – From £209,900
McLaren 720S Price Used – From £169,950
McLaren 720S Spider Price Used – None Available (In Production in 2020)
McLaren Senna Price Used – From £785,000
McLaren P1 Price Used – From £999,995

McLaren 540C vs 570s
Photo courtesy of Evo.co.uk ©

We often get asked a few questions about McLaren’s range of cars. Below are a couple of questions which pop up time after time. We thought we would take this opportunity to answer these.

How fast does a McLaren 570s go?

Stepping directly up from the 540C you will find the 570S and 570GT. The 570S has the same turbocharged V8 engine as the 540C, however as the name suggests, it is tuned to produce more power. 562bhp in fact. Which is enough to drive the McLaren 570S from 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds and to a top speed of 205mph.

Now, the 570S actually used to be the baby McLaren before the newer 540C came along. And this makes it very hard to distinguish between the two cars.

What is the difference between a 540C vs 570s?

All in all… Not much!

Looking from the outside in you will be very hard pressed to find much difference between these two cars at all. That is because the only difference is the wheel spec. Other than alloy wheel options, the rest of the exterior bodywork is shared between the two cars.

Stepping inside both cars, the interior follows a similar pattern, making it very hard to tell the difference.

The obvious difference between the two is given away by the cars names. McLaren’s 540C produces just 532bhp compared to the 570S’ 562bhp.

This allows for a performance bump from the 540C to the 570S. The 540C can still get from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 199mph. This is just down from the 570S’ figures of 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and a top speed of 205mph.

This difference in performance results in almost £20,000 difference in price between the two. The entry-level McLaren 540C price starts from £126,000 in the UK. Whilst the McLaren 570C price starts from £145,305.

That extra £20,000 gets you an ever so slightly quicker 0-60 times, with a little more grunt… But to be honest, it probably isn’t worth it. The 540C has so much performance already, that you wont be missing that extra 30 horsepower!

McLaren 540c For Sale UK

What is the best McLaren to buy?

All this talk discussing models from the Sports Series… Which McLaren is actually the one to buy from the entire range?

You know what… If we were looking to purchase a McLaren, we would without a doubt have the 540C.

The 540C gives you everything that McLaren have to offer, and in our eyes is the perfect McLaren supercar.

It’s slightly newer than the 570S and features a different damper setup allowing it to be smoother over bumpy roads. McLaren really went to town on the 540C ensuring it was the most practical McLaren ever built. And you can really tell this car was built a gran tourer, ready for everyday use.

When you feel the urge to put your foot down it has more than enough grunt to get you up to speed and around corners extremely quickly. Quicker than you would ever be able to put to use on public roads!

It has the same engine as the 570S, which many reviewers claimed to be the best McLaren car ever made. And yet comes in cheaper, both when buying new or used, with the price of this McLaren car starting from around £90,000 used.

If you would prefer the slightly more expensive, yet slightly quicker 570S – We wrote an in-depth review as to why it is a future bargain, and one of the best McLarens to be buying. Check out our McLaren 570S guide here.

McLaren Frequently Asked Questions

What does a McLaren cost?

A brand new McLaren 540C costs from £136,000. However the average McLaren price is around £155,000.

How much is the cheapest new McLaren?

The cheapest new McLaren is the 540C, which starts from £136,000.

What is the most expensive McLaren?

The most expensive new McLaren currently is the track orientated Senna, which costs from £750,000.

What is the fastest McLaren?

The upcoming McLaren Speedtail is reported to be the fastest McLaren ever built, with a top speed over 250mph.

What is the McLaren P1 price UK?

The current cheapest McLaren P1 price in the Uk is £1,100,000. This is for a used 2014 McLaren P1.

McLaren Cars For Sale

If this guide has inspired you to buy your perfect McLaren, check out our current McLarens for sale below.

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