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Lamborghini Depreciation - Your Complete Guide

Lamborghini Depreciation Guide
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This article was updated on the 28th November 2019.

Lamborghini are one of the most sought after supercar manufacturers. From appearing on bedroom wall posters to the streets of London, Lamborghini manufacturer some of the most desirable cars available to buy today.

Many customers and clients have posed the question to us, of how quickly do Lamborghinis depreciate. We have discussed the topic at length throughout the years but have never produced a complete depreciation guide.

In this guide we have compiled real sales prices to create depreciation charts for the most popular Lamborghini models.

We have examined online classifieds including Drivefoundry to gather the average price for Lamborghini models across the range. We studied the same model at different ages and varying levels of mileage to create a chart showing the depreciation as models age.

The charts below all follow this format and quickly and easily show you how much depreciation your Lamborghini incur as it ages.

The method above has given us fairly accurate average results, however we wont claim they are 100% perfect. There are a lot of variables which can affect depreciation figures. And we have only scraped the surface by comparing age and mileage. Despite this these charts will give you a quick estimation at how much your Lamborghini may depreciate.

If you like to follow stats and figures, or simply want to see if you are making a good investment choice by purchasing a Lamborghini, hopefully these depreciation charts will help.

We have also written a guide to Ferrari depreciation. Check that out if you own or are thinking of purchasing a Ferrari, and see how they compare to Lamborghinis.

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Lamborghini Huracan Depreciation
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Lamborghini Depreciation Results Summarised

Key Point 1 – The Three Year Bubble

With modern Lamborghinis, we see a three year bubble when purchased new. Both flagship Lamborghinis, the Huracan & the Aventador enjoy a large period of appreciation straight after they roll off the forecourt. Within the first three years the car’s value is almost always in excess of the RRP list price, as long as it is kept in great condition.

The Lamborghini Huracan RRP is £30,000 lower than the price of a 1 year old model. This means that if you secure a build slot for a Huracan and underwent the long wait for it to be built… You could sell the car immediately after delivery for a tidy £30,000 profit. The Aventador yields a very similar return on investment, with the 1 year old price roughly £36,000 higher than the original Lamborghini Aventador RRP.

It isn’t until almost three years after the production date that these Italian supercars start to depreciate. That leaves a rather large window of opportunity if you want to experience a Lamborghini for a year or two then sell on for a profit.

Key Point 2 – A Murcielago Is A Great Investment

Simply put, a ten year old Lamborghini Murcielago is a great investment choice. Lamborghini stopped manufacturing Murcielagos over ten years ago now, meaning the newest Murcielago is ten years old.

These models currently sit around £30,000 – £40,000 over the original list price when purchased new. Meaning over the past ten years, these cars have appreciated by 17%. That isn’t a bad return on a £180,000 car.

Older models with higher mileage do drop in value, although a low mileage model of any year will almost always be worth more than the RRP. When you start accumulating mileage the value does, unsurprisingly start to drop.

Lamborghini Gallardo Depreciation
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Lamborghini Gallardo Depreciation

Here are our findings as to how quickly a Lamborghini Gallardo will depreciate.

Lamborghini Gallardo Depreciation

Low MileageHigh Mileage
Price New£135,600 £135,600
5 Years Old£150,000 £145,000
6 Years Old£120,000 £100,000
7 Years Old£109,000 £92,000
8 Years Old£108,000 £89,000
9 Years Old£101,000 £89,000
10 Years Old£95,000 £87,000
11 Years Old£85,000 £75,000
12 Years Old£82,000 £68,000
13 Years Old£79,000 £67,000
14 Years Old£75,000£62,000

When it was new the Lamborghini Gallardo was priced from £135,600. The last Gallardo rolled off the production line in late 2013 which has helped the resale of the last iterations to be manufactured. Due to the unavailability of new Gallardos the price for the newest models increased slightly over its original RRP.

After that initial climb / plateau, the value drops significantly for both low mileage and high mileage models. After that the depreciation is rather slow and steady. There is a slight decrease in value for 2009 models and older, probably due to a facelift version coming in to production in 2009.

The Gallardo powertrain is renowned for being very reliable. So reliable in fact that even Audi used the exact same engine in its flagship R8.

Due to this fact, our pick of the bunch would be a 2012 model with mid levels of mileage on the clock. Our study shows that higher mileage face-lifted Gallardos depreciate very slowly. Therefor you can purchase a newer model, with slightly higher mileage and you will face little to no depreciation for a number of years.

Lamborghini Murcielago Depreciation
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Lamborghini Murcielago Depreciation

Lamborghini Murcielago Depreciation

Low MileageHigh Mileage
Price New£180,000 £180,000
10 Years Old£219,000 £214,000
11 Years Old£200,000 £180,000
12 Years Old£195,000 £179,000
13 Years Old£175,000 £169,000

The powerhouse that was the Lamborghini Murcielago is an elusive car to find these days. It had a very short production run of only a few years before being succeeded by the Aventador.

This means valuations are very steady and hardly depreciating. If you trawl the classifieds, you will find most Aventadors for sale are still selling around the original price.

Low mileage models in particular are extremely sought after and therefor the price is much higher than its retail price. A low mileage Murcielago in perfect condition is a very good choice of investment car.

Even higher mileage models are depreciating very slowly. However if you can afford a Murcielago and are purchasing as an investment. Definitely try to purchase the newest model with the lowest mileage to secure your investment over the coming years.

Lamborghini Huracan Depreciation
Photo courtesy of Dhiva Krishna ©

Lamborghini Huracan Depreciation

Lamborghini Huracan Depreciation

Low MileageHigh Mileage
Price New£155,000 £155,000
1 Year Old£187,000 £159,000
2 Years Old£175,000 £159,000
3 Years Old£158,000 £145,000
4 Years Old£149,000 £139,000
5 Years Old£140,000£127,000
6 Years Old£138,000£125,000

Lamborghini introduced the Huracan back in 2014 as the successor of the ever popular Gallardo. And it is currently the cheapest Lamborghini supercar you can buy today. A base spec Lamborghini Huracan RRP is £155,400.

Due to its popularity and wait time on purchasing a brand new model, valuations for 1 year old models have sky rocketed. If you have a new, low mileage Lamborghini Huracan you will have gained a lot of value and it will stay that way for 2 – 3 years.

It isn’t until the 3 year mark where good condition models start to dip back below the original Lamborghini Huracan RRP. After that the depreciation curve is steady. The very oldest models are now going for around £20,000 – £30,000 cheaper than their original sales price, with an average price of a Lamborghini Huracan of this age at around £130,000 – £140,000

If you can wait for a new Huracan, we suggest doing so. If you can’t but don’t want to pay more than RRP, then you’ll have to opt for a 2-3 year old model.

Lamborghini Aventador Depreciation
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Lamborghini Aventador Depreciation

Lamborghini Aventador Depreciation

Low MileageHigh Mileage
Price New£271,000 £271,000
1 Year Old£307,000 £276,000
2 Years Old£289,000 £240,000
3 Years Old£270,000 £255,000
4 Years Old£239,000 £235,000
5 Years Old£230,000£205,000
6 Years Old£225,000£190,000
7 Years Old£205,000£165,000
8 Years Old£195,000£179,000
9 Years Old£190,000£173,000

Lamborghini’s current flagship model, the Aventador followed a similar nearly new price surge as the Huracan.

Models up to 3 years old are still valued higher than the original Lamborghini Aventador RRP. However throughout the age range of the Aventador, there are large disparities between low mileage and high mileage cars. There is more disparity here than with any of the other Lamborghinis we have looked at. If you do own a new or nearly new Aventador, it’d be wise to keep the mileage as low as possible if you are owning it as an investment.

The overall Lamborghini Aventador depreciation has been slow. The oldest cars, now coming up to 10 years old, are selling on average 30-35% cheaper than brand new models. Across 10 years that isn’t a huge depreciation loss. The average price of a Lamborghini Aventador around 10 years old is £180,000. Give or take £10,000 depending on mileage.

With all Lamborghinis we have studied, other than the rare Murcielago, there is a window of around 3 years after rolling off the production line, where an Aventador offers a good return on investment.

After that there is steady depreciation. A loss of around 35% across 10 years.

Lamborghini Urus For Sale
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Lamborghini Urus Depreciation

One of Lamborghini’s newest models, the Urus has only been on sale since early 2019. Due to this demand is currently extremely high.

The Lamborghini Urus has an RRP starting from £159,925. With so few being built and delivered to customers by now, the used and nearly new Lamborghini Urus models which are for sale are fetching a high price tag.

As shown when looking at previous Lamborghini models, these Italian supercars generally have a 3 year window of appreciation before dropping below RRP. This SUV isn’t an exception.

Currently the cheapest Lamborghini Urus cars for sale, are all fetching well in excess of £200,000.

This means, that if you were lucky enough to have had a Urus delivered from new, if you were to sell it you could be looking at a good profit. With the Lamborghini Urus RRP of around £160,000 for base spec models, you could have made over £40,000 if selling one today.

Being Lamborghini’s first SUV model, demand is some what higher, as there is a buzz surrounding this car. However, like we have seen when looking at depreciation of other Lamborghinis, we would expect the prices in the used market to start to drop in early to mid 2020.

It may take some years for used Lamborghini Urus cars to drop in price enough to start depreciating from RRP. If you are looking at purchasing a brand new Lamborghini, and were interested in the Urus, now would still be a good time to do so.

You could run a brand new Urus for the next 2 – 3 years before you even start to suffer any depreciation.

Check out our Ferrari Depreciation Guide and see how they depreciate, compared to Lamborghinis.

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