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Top 7 Cheap Supercars For Sale in the UK

Audi R8 Best Cheap Supercar

This article was updated on 22nd October 2019, to keep our list below up to date.

So what are the 7 best cheap supercars you can afford to buy in the UK?

Supercars are inherently expensive to purchase and run. So one of the common questions we receive are, which supercar is the cheapest to buy.

To answer this we have collated the 7 best cheap supercars that you can buy in the UK today & our reasons why you should buy each one! This is our ultimate guide to cheap supercars.

All of the cars on our list can be purchased today for under £70,000 and many can be brought for much less. We have even included a car that’s value has been rising, meaning it could be a great investment choice.

7 Cheap Supercars For Sale Sorted By Price;

Here is a quick summary of the cheapest supercars for sale, sorted from cheapest to most expensive. Below we go into much more detail about each cheap supercar and the pros and cons.

To read more about each of the affordable supercars listed, and wether you should buy one, simply keep on reading below.

  1. Aston Martin Vantage V8 – 2006

    Price When New: £81,795
    Current Price: £24,495
    View Used Aston Martin For Sale

  2. Porsche 911 996 Turbo – 2001

    Price When New: £86,000
    Current Price: £32,000
    View Used Porsche For Sale

  3. Audi R8 V8 R – 2008

    Price When New: £77,000
    Current Price: £32,989
    View Used Audi Supercars For Sale

  4. BMW i8 1.5l Hybrid – 2014

    Price When New: £114,200
    Current Price: £43,985
    View Used BMW Supercars For Sale

  1. Honda NSX 3.0l – 1991

    Price When New: £45,700
    Current Price: £44,950

  2. Ferrari 360 Modena 3.6l – 2004

    Price When New: £112,000
    Current Price: £49,900
    View Used Ferrari For Sale

  3. Lamborghini Gallardo V10 – 2008

    Price When New: £125,000
    Current Price: £69,000
    View Used Lamborghini For Sale

With this article we set out to bring you 7 cheap supercars which you can buy today. However, no supercar is truly “cheap”! The idea of purchasing your dream supercar for the same price as a quick German sedan is very tempting. So below are the “most affordable” supercars you can buy today!

We’ve also ensured that we are staying true to the term supercar and haven’t padded our list with Nissan GTR’s or fast Mercedes grand tourers. Our list is compiled of true supercars, both old and new.

To learn more about investing in supercars read our guide on supercar investments.

Audi R8 (2008) – From £32,000

Audi R8 Review The Best Everyday Supercar
Photo courtesy of Christian Guirguis ©

Audi R8 V8 R Performance & Specs – 2008

Price When New: £77,000
Current Price: £32,989
Engine: 4.2l V8
Power: 415bhp @ 7900rpm
Torque – 317lb-ft @ 4500rpm
0-62 – 4.8 sec
Top speed – 155mph

When it launched, the first generation Audi R8 was a game changer, and was Audi’s first attempt at a true supercar with it’s mid engined V8 engine and 187mph top speed.

The R8 was Audi’s fastest ever production car when it launched back in 2007. And it handled pretty well too thanks to the same aluminium construction as it’s more expensive brother, the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Is it a true supercar?

Despite not being the fastest modern supercar in the market with a 0-62mph time of only 4.6 seconds, the Audi R8 is pitched to be an everyday supercar.

It encompasses a huge amount of space for both the driver and their luggage, and is a comfortable daily driver thanks to it’s magnetic suspension and quattro all wheel drive system.

However when it comes to the gearbox, the e-gear transmission doesn’t really do anything overly well. It’s clunky in slow traffic and isn’t the quickest to shift. Simply avoid these and opt for the manual. You’ll thank us for this down the line.

Enough of the comfort, is it quick?

As we mentioned above, the original V8 engine doesn’t push you in to your seat like you would of hoped. However Audi quickly released a V10 variant producing 525bhp which improves the 0-62 time to just 3.9 seconds.

Disappointingly the noise that you get from the V8 powertrain which sits almost directly behind you is very muted and quiet when compared to it’s supercar rivals. You just don’t get that same hair tingling feel when driving this machine.

What To Look For When Buying Used

Generally the first generation Audi V8 was built very well. I mean what would you expect from a premium German manufacturer? This really is one of the best cheap supercars for sale in 2020.

The engines themselves are fairly bulletproof with very few reported issues. One of the more costly parts to replace is the clutch which will require changing every 20,000 miles or so. Check the service history and all previous invoices to see when the clutch was last changed.

Other than the clutch, the main things you should be looking at is the bodywork and wheels as both of these can be very expensive to replace or repair.

You should be fairly confident that you wont need to undertake much work when purchasing a well looked after used Audi R8. However just like many supercars, if any parts do fail or require repair the bills can be very expensive.

Porsche 911 Turbo – From £32,000

Porsche 996 Turbo For Sale UK
Photo courtesy of elferspot.com ©

Porsche 911 996 Turbo Performance & Specs – 2001

Price When New: £86,000
Current Price: £32,000
Engine: 3.6l
Power: 414bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque – 415lb-ft
0-62 – 4.2 sec
Top speed – 190mph

When looking for a budget supercar, either new or used, the Porsche 911 should always be near the top of your list. The 911 is well renowned as a supercar killer due to it’s excellent performance on a budget. It easily deserves a spot on any list of cheap supercars for sale.

Compared to many supercars you can pick up a Porsche 911 for much less than its immediate rivals. Much like the Audi R8, a Porsche 911 of any spec can be driven daily thanks to great storage, 4 seats and comfortable driving on the school run.

Why the 996 turbo?

The now classic 996 turbo is the perfect blend of old school driving performance and practicality.

Manufactured from 2001 until 2005, the 996 can still hold it’s own when comparing it’s performance with modern day supercars. It’s 3.6 litre engine produces 414bhp and will get you from a standing start to 62mph in just 4.1 seconds. That’s quick even by today’s standards!

Things to look for when buying used

Again similar to the previous Audi R8, the Porsche 996 is extremely reliable. It’s fairly easy to maintain compared to other supercars and performs excellently when driven daily. Along with this it’ll easily put out 25-30mpg on a good run and will run for years with regular servicing.

There are a few known issues including some electrical faults throughout. When viewing used 996 Turbos check out the alternator and any receipts for previous repairs.

Another issue to look for are the radiators in the front which are prone to leaking. Other than these small issues you should be fairly safe when purchasing this reliable German supercar.

BMW i8 – From £43,000

BMW i8 For Sale UK
Photo courtesy of caranddriver.com ©

BMW i8 1.5l Hybrid Performance & Specs – 2014

Price When New: £114,200
Current Price: £43,985
Engine: 1.5l Hybrid
Power: 360bhp @ 5800rpm
Torque – 236lb-ft @ 3700rpm
0-62 – 4.4 sec
Top speed – 155mph

The BMW i8 is a new breed of supercar. Back in 2014 it became one of the first supercars to feature hybrid technology so heavily. It pairs a tiny 1.5litre inline 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with a front axle mounted electric motor.

1.5 litre 3 cylinder engine you say? Yes that’s correct!

The impressive fact is that from that 1.5 litre engine, BMW have engineered it to produce 228bhp. Combined with an electric motor which produces 129bhp allows the BMW i8 to put out 360bhp.


360bhp for a modern supercar doesn’t sound like a lot. You’re right it’s not, however thanks to the unique combination of a traditional engine and an electric motor it is still capable of a 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds.

The i8 boasts a 50/50 weight distribution, and that allows it to handle very well around the track should you wish to venture on to the track.

Does it feel like a true supercar?

Honestly… yes. The mixture of cutting edge technology runs throughout the car, from it’s crazy looks to its sci-fi infused cockpit. When you get in through the scissor doors there is an element of spectacle about the i8, which is what you should get from a supercar.

It’s true that the BMW i8 delivers it’s supercar feel differently to other competitors. The exhaust note isn’t great, which is to be expected from a 1.5 litre engine. BMW utilises audio technology to fill the interior with a roar when you plant your foot, however with the windows down or from the roadside the real sound is very underwhelming.

The i8 really is a cheap supercar for the modern world.

Ferrari 360 Modena – From £49,900

Ferrari 360 For Sale UK
Photo courtesy of www.caymanautos.co.uk ©

Ferrari 360 Modena 3.6l Performance & Specs – 2004

Price When New: £112,000
Current Price: £49,900
Engine: 3.6l
Power: 400bhp @ 8500rpm
Torque – 275lb-ft @ 4750rpm
0-62 – 4.9 sec
Top speed – 183mph

Ferrari’s classic 360 was the highlight of the Ferrari range in the early to mid 2000’s. It was a huge improvement over the F355 which it succeeded and laid the foundation for future modern Ferrari models to come, from the F430 onwards.

The 360 really did announce the arrival of the modern Ferrari, including a much softer, more rounded exterior body shape. Its body and chassis were made from aluminum to keep the weight down and therefor allowed the 360 to handle supremely well.

How does it perform?

The 360 produces a round 400bhp from its 3.6 litre V8 engine and gets from 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds. There is enough performance and grunt from the engine to get you where you need to be very quickly, and Ferrari did an amazing job making the engine very drive-able. Its power delivery is very smooth and it’s not overly aggressive like some Ferrari cars can be.

Should I be worried buying an older Ferrari?

When looking to purchase a Ferrari 360 Modena or Spider, you should try and find the newest model you can afford. We suggest avoiding the first few years of production and to go with a 2002 or later if you can find one in your budget.

The early models had a few issues which Ferrari went on to correct in the 2002 cars onwards. With the main culprit being the cam variator failing. If this happened the engine would sustain a lot of substantial damage. Ferrari fixed this issue in later models, however there are still earlier models on the road which haven’t had this issue fixed. We’d recommend checking all paperwork to check that this issue in particular has been fixed.

Other than that there isn’t too much which can go wrong, however expect reasonably expensive maintenance and servicing. Every 3 years or so the 360 requires a major service which will set you back a few thousand pounds.

When it launched back in the early 2000s, the 360 Modena was a flagship model. However now, roll around 2020, the Ferrari 360 is nestled nicely in amongst other affordable cheap supercars for sale in the UK.

Lamborghini Gallardo – From £69,000

Lamborghini Gallardo For Sale UK
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Fern ©

Lamborghini Gallardo V10 Performance & Specs – 2008

Price When New: £125,000
Current Price: £69,000
Engine: 5.0l V10
Power: 520bhp @ 8000rpm
Torque – 375lb-ft @ 4500rpm
0-62 – 4.2 sec
Top speed – 195mph

The Lamborghini Gallardo bridges that gap of classic supercars to modern supercars, and it encompasses the best of both worlds. And of course, being a Lamborghini, pure visceral performance and outlandish looks reign supreme.

Now, you don’t associate the brand Lamborghini with cheap supercars, however, the classic Gallardo was released well over 10 years ago. Back in 2008, £125,000 was the going rate for a base level supercar. (Even though in 2020 you wouldn’t be able to find a single new supercar close to that price range!)

When driving a manual transmission Gallardo you can expect a truly visceral driving experience. And we would always recommend purchasing a manual Gallardo, as the e-gear automatic transmission was plagued with issues in early models. If you are looking at buying a cheap Gallardo, these early models are the ones you will be looking at.

The 5-litre V10 power plant offers aggressive acceleration, and the old school driving dynamics ensure you need to be 100% focused at all times!

Is a Lamborghini expensive to maintain?

Being one of the first Lamborghini’s to be manufactured within the Audi era, the Gallardo is surprisingly well constructed.

The engine is solid and reliable with the only thing to keep an eye on being the oil levels. While checking the oil levels ensure you only use Agip oil as there have been cases of engine failures due to using other oils. Before putting pen to paper and purchasing a used Gallardo, ensure you get a compression test on the engine to check for oil pump issues.

Other than this, you wont find too many problem purchasing a cheap used Gallardo. Double check the front bumper for kerb and speed bump scrapes, as the lifting kit wasn’t present on the first cars off of the production line. This became standard in later models.

Aston Martin Vantage – From £24,000

Aston Marting Vantage For Sale UK
Photo courtesy of Spencer Davis ©

Aston Martin Vantage V8 Performance & Specs – 2006

Price When New: £81,795
Current Price: £24,495
Engine: 4.3l V8
Power: 420bhp @ 7300rpm
Torque – 346lb-ft @ 5000rpm
0-62 – 4.9 sec
Top speed – 180mph

There really is no better place to look if you’re after something distinctly British. The Vantage is widely acclaimed to be the best Aston Martin ever built, and is loved by critics. It also has a bonus of being the cheapest supercar on our list!

Aston’s Vantage was originally designed to compete with Porsche, with Aston Martin creating a reasonably affordable, easy to daily drive supercar. Similar to the Porsche 911 and Audi R8, the Vantage is reasonably cheap to run and maintain.

Is it really bulletproof?

When it comes to bulletproof supercars, the Aston Martin Vantage tops the list. Its flawlessly built V8 engine has almost no reported issues other than a belt slight squeal when cold. The transmission compliments the power plant superbly with both the manual and semi-automatic performing well.

You really can’t go wrong with a Vantage, with some believing that higher mileage models are preferable over low mileage examples. The engine really comes alive after 10k-15k miles and if it’s used daily and well looked after it will be a delight to drive.

A True Supercar For Under £25,000

That’s right. For under the price of a brand new Ford saloon you could be driving a classic Aston Martin. The Vantage may be the cheapest supercar on our list, yet it is the one which we would most like to drive daily.

The mixture of British class, classic looks, and the roar from the naturally aspirated V8 make this cheap supercar our pick of the bunch. Granted, for a model under £25,000 you would be purchasing one with a lot of miles on the clock. Our true pick of the bunch is a 2007 model with less than 30,000 miles. This would still only set you back less than £30,000!

When looking for cheap supercars for sale in the UK, you can’t ignore the classic Aston Martin Vantage.

Honda NSX – From £44,000

Honda NSX For Sale UK
Photo courtesy of www.hagerty.com ©

Honda NSX 3.0l Performance & Specs – 1991

Price When New: £45,700
Current Price: £44,950
Engine: 3.0l
Power: 271bhp @ 7100rpm
Torque – 210lb-ft @ 5300rpm
0-62 – 7.3 sec
Top speed – 175mph

The Audi R8 was Audi’s first attempt at producing a real supercar and was widely acclaimed. However the Honda NSX was the original example of a domestic car manufacturer really taking on the Italian supercars.

Honda’s NSX has been around for almost 30 years but is still widely regarded as one of the best performing cars ever manufactured.

Its 3 litre naturally aspirated engine wasn’t anything particularly exciting back in the early 90’s. The NSX was one of the first cars to use the legendary VTEC engine, which performs amazingly above 5800RPM. However getting to that rev range takes a bit of time, meaning it’s not the fastest supercar about.

But it handles well… Right?

Hell yes! The NSX was revolutionary in terms of its handling performance. Honda took aim at Ferrari with the goal to produce a lighter, tighter supercar.

It achieved this and then some. Its engine is mounted perfectly in the middle of the car, allowing you to throw it into corners with 100% confidence that it will stick. When you start to apply the throttle mid corner you needn’t worry about snap oversteet as it remains squat and planted throughout the exit.

It is this amazing handling that allows the NSX to stand above other supercars of the era.

And what about the value? Will it appreciate?

Although it’s never a guaranteed science, trends show that the value of the NSX over the past 5 years have increased sharply. 2007 models onwards are proving among the most popular at the moment, due to it’s increased engine capacity and power bump to 290bhp.

Back in 2013 you could purchase an NSX for around £33,000, however as of 2019 that’s increased to £45,000 upwards.

The way the trend is going the classic NSX wont stay in the cheap supercars category for too long. If you fancy an older Japanese supercar, we would recommend jumping on an NSX sooner rather than later!

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