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Audi TT Axed And Replaced With An Electric Car in 2023

Audi TT RS For Sale
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In 2023 the Audi TT will officially be retired. Audi have confirmed they will be removing the TT from their lineup and replacing it with an all electric model.

It was announced by Audi CEO Bram Schot at their Audi’s annual general meeting that the company has plans to phase out the Audi TT completely. There is also a question mark over the flagship Audi R8 supercar.

During his speech, Schot raised a question over the R8 and its engine. He questioned whether the flagship supercar needed an internal combustion engine or whether that could go completely electric also.

Audi E-Tron Concept Car Replacing Audi TT
Audi E-Tron Concept Car - Photo courtesy of The Verge ©

What Does This Mean For The Audi R8?

He did say that discussions are currently ongoing about the R8’s future.

The reason for Audi wanting to remove the TT model range is that the company want to save money by the end of 2023 and use that capital to invest in electric cars and technology.

Schot went on to say that “We are combing through our portfolio” with the ultimate goal being “less complexity”.

Audi have already eliminated over one third of their engine-transmission combinations. This could mean that they are planning on merging both the Audi TT and the R8 into one flagship electric sports car.

One thing that potentially goes against this amalgamation idea, is that Schot did share a few details about the new electric replacement car. He described the new electric replacement as “emotive” and that it’s price range will mirror that of the TT.

Currently the TT range starts at £31,500 for a base spec coupe and can rise up to £55,600 for the range topping Audi TT RS.

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