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If you have any questions about any process of using our website, please first visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, where we answer a lot of common questions.

If you have looked through our FAQ’s and you can’t find an answer to what you are looking for. Simply ping us a message using the contact form above. Be sure to include the nature of your enquiry in the comment section. And someone will look to get back to you as soon as they can.

We aim to respond to every message we receive within 24 hours. However if we are an hour or so later than that please don’t fret. We will respond as soon as we can!

Media Enquiries

If you have any advertising or media enquiries, please use the contact form above. Ensure you start the message with “Media Enquiry”. And we will mark it as such in our system.

We are always open to advertising enquiries and we do sell advertising space on our website. We’ll happily send you our advertisers pack on request. This pack details our user reach and includes our advertising packages.

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