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Range Rover Prices

A short while ago, Range Rover had only two models. The Range Rover, and the Range Rover Sport. Which meant that your design on which car to purchase was relatively simple, and largely dictated by the price.

Now however the British car manufacturer have expanded their car offering. This could become confusing to some, and it can be hard to distinguish between an entry level model and the top end model.

Current Car List & Range Rover Prices

Range Rover Evoque Price £31,295
Range Rover Velar Price £45,260
Range Rover Sport Price £64,725
Range Rover Price £83,655

What Is The Difference Between Range Rover Models?

Range Rover Evoque – The Entry-Level

Currently, within its four main models, the Evoque is the entry level car. Priced at just over £31,000, the Evoque appeals to those who want to buy in to the Range Rover family and ethos without the large expense of the bigger models.

The Range Rover Evoque range includes 2 and 5 door models, with the 2 door model also being offered with a convertible roof. A new base level Range Rover comes equipped with a 2-litre 150bhp diesel engine as standard.

If you would like more power from your new Range Rover Evoque you can opt for a range topping 2-litre 300bhp turbocharged petrol engine. This engine will accelerate your new Evoque from 0-60mph in just 6.3 seconds. The upgraded engine will add just over £9,000 to the price of your new Range Rover.

Range Rover Evoques For Sale

Range Rover Velar – The Stylish Choice

The Velar is targeted to the buyer who is looking for a stylish SUV. It has a more distinctly styled look when compared to the other models in the family, and fits nicely in to the gap between the Evoque and the Sport models.

Targeted to take on competition such as the BMW X4 and Porsche Macan, the Range Rover Velar price starts from just over £45,000.

Range Rover Velars For Sale

Range Rover Sport – The Drivers Car

The Sport model is the most dynamic car across the whole offering. It’s a little smaller than the flagship model allowing it to corner more dynamically and pull harder, despite having the same engine and power output.

Being smaller, the Range Rover Sport price is a touch cheaper than the flagship model, starting from £64,725. This is the car that we would purchase (and we have done in the past).

Range Rover Sports For Sale

Range Rover – The Ultimate SUV

The flagship model is the epitome of class, style and luxury. This is the car to purchase if you are looking to make a statement. It boasts the best engine, the best interior spec list, and is the largest model across the whole collection.

Prices for the flagship Range Rover start from £83,655 making it the most expensive model by almost £20,000.

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Bespoke Range Rover Companies

Range Rovers are common place on the streets today, with many wealthy individuals purchasing one of their statement SUVs. With so many Range Rovers on the street, it isn’t a surprise that many want to customise their ride to stand out from the crowd.

That is where bespoke car builders come in to their element. Companies such as Overfinch, Kahn and Lumma Design have all made their name by taking a standard Range Rover and applying their own personal style.

Standing out from the crowd isn’t the only reason to purchase a bespoke Range Rover. Research by valuations experts CAP Automotive has shown that a bespoke or customised Range Rover is less likely to depreciate.

The research shows that an Overfinch Range Rover Sport will not depreciate for the first couple of years of its life. And an Overfinch Evoque retained 22 per cent more value than its original counterpart.

With those figures, buying a bespoke car from one of the custom Range Rover companies sounds like a pretty wise investment choice.

Overfinch Range Rover Super Sport
Photo courtesy of Overfinch ©

More than a lot other car marques, Range Rover have a wide selection of bespoke car builders who take a base Range Rover and tailor it into a bespoke vehicle.

Companies such as Overfinch, Kahn and Lumma Design all offer bespoke and custom tailored new & used Range Rovers for sale. Many of these custom car builders go beyond styling and they look to increase both performance and handling, to produce a true custom driving experience.

The general workflow of customising a car is that one of the car builders above purchase a new Range Rover. Their team then design and manufacture bespoke kits which will fit that certain model.

Customers who want to upgrade their new or used Range Rover will purchase an upgrade package from companies such as Overfinch. Who will then apply their custom kit to the customers used Range Rover.

Lumma Range Rover For Sale
Photo courtesy of Lumma Design ©

Lumma Design

Our pick of the bunch includes the Lumma CLR RS, which is based on a Range Rover Sport SVR. The custom vehicle features a custom Lumma bodykit, carbon fibre throughout, and a nice set of 23 inch rims.

Lumma began back in the late 1980’s when Horst Lumma started tuning and servicing German cars. The company progressed into a specialist convertible and pickup convertor. Horst would take German coupes and convert them in to convertibles, applying his own style to each car.

Since then the company has shifted focus towards customising new and used Range Rovers, BMWs and Porsches. And they are now an innovation leader and trendsetter.

Overfinch Range Rover Super Sport
Photo courtesy of Overfinch ©


Overfinch have been tailoring Range Rovers for over 40 years, and go beyond styling. They have a deep history in upgrading the performance and driving dynamics of models across the range.

The self proclaimed “world leading creator of bespoke Range Rover vehicles” have been innovating since 1975, and have stayed dedicated to customising luxury 4x4s. By only enhancing Range Rovers, Overfinch have mastered the art and are seen as one of the best tuners in the world.

Overfinch have won numerous awards across the years for their innovation and partnered with many other companies. They even produced armoured Range Rovers for the British government.

Kahn Range Rover Sport
Photo courtesy of Kahn Design ©

Kahn Design

Kahn are known across the industry as the original British automotive fashion house, and they offer complete styling packages to existing Range Rover models, including the Evoque and Sport.

Range Rover Frequently Asked Questions

What is a new Range Rover price?

The price of a new Range Rover starts from just £31,295.

What is the cheapest Range Rover For Sale?

The cheapest Range Rover for sale is the Evoque, which costs from just £31,295.

What is the difference between a Land Rover and a Range Rover?

A Range Rover is a type of luxury SUV made my parent company Land Rover. Range Rovers are designed to be more luxurious and performance orientated than Land Rover models.

Are Range Rovers Reliable?

Range Rovers are renowned for having poor reliability. Even newer models such as the 2020 Evoque has a poor reliability rating of just 2.5 out of five according to J.D. Power.

How much does it cost to lease a Range Rover?

You can get a personal lease on a Range Rover from as little as £320 per month. Or £270 on a business lease deal.

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