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Search through our wide selection of used Ferrari for sale in the UK. All of the Ferraris we have for sale are available from prestigious supercar dealerships across the country. With our wide selection of new and used Ferrari cars available to buy from around the UK, you should be able to find your next supercar purchase.

Few luxury car brands have the same prestigious history as Ferrari, or can boast the same range of cars for sale. From rare and appreciating classic cars, through to ultra exclusive technological masterpieces, no other marque does it better. Founder and racing driver Enzo Ferrari established the true racing pedigree which you still find at the heart of the brand today, both in their F1 success and their street cars.

Look through our used Ferrari listings below or view our full inventory to view all of the cars currently in stock from a wide range of luxury manufacturers.

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Who Buys Ferrari Cars?

Many Ferrari owners chose the famous Italian marque due to wanting nothing but the best. A Ferrari is a supercar for a car enthusiast who desires the best car money can buy. On the flip side, many wealthy investors see used Ferraris as a wise investment choice.

Ferrari are seen worldwide as one of the top marques to invest in, and a lot of that boils down to their racing pedigree and their prestigious history.

There are many rare and collectible cars from the Italian brand’s expansive history. The classic 250 GT Spyder rose to fame in Southern California in the early 1960’s, and there were only ever 50 cars manufactured, allowing it to become one of the most collectible Italian cars money can buy.

One of these classic cars recently sold for €7,040,000 setting a new world record for the highest auction price ever for a car.

When talking about future classic’s the F430 is always in our top picks. It is one of the last Italian models that was offered with a manual gearbox and prices are already on the rise. You can currently pick up a used manual transmission F430 relatively cheaply at under £100,000. Although the F430 isn’t as rare as the manual 599, it is one of our picks to follow the 599’s recent price increase.

Used Ferrari for Sale

How much do Ferrari cars cost?

You can find the price of used Ferrari cars varies widely across their range. Most Ferrari are priced for a wealthy buyer, with prices often exceeding hundreds of thousands of pounds. In some cases the price for a desirable Ferrari can stretch in to the millions, with examples such as the Ferrari Enzo reaching over £2 million.

Despite the normal high price tag, there are cheaper Ferrari models available to buy for those who are willing to look at an older model. However, in all honesty the cheapest exotic cars will cost you a fortune in upkeep. All the money you have saved buying a cheaper Ferrari will quickly be spent on maintenance.

So our general advice would be that, if you can’t afford an expensive Ferrari, you’re probably better off not purchasing a cheap one.

If you are looking at purchasing the cheapest new Ferrari, you could look at the 2018 Portofino which is the Italian manufacturers entry level car. However, given the price of new Ferraris, even the Portofino will cost you over £160,000.

Where Can I Buy A Used Ferrari?

At Drivefoundry, we currently have a wide range of used Ferraris for sale in our listings. To view all of our listings follow the link on the button below.

All of the supercars available for sale in our listings are sold from dealerships across the country. We work with a selection of the best car dealerships who specialise in luxury cars and supercars. This allows you to have complete confidence in where you are purchasing your next supercar from.

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